Your move: Chess strategy for your content marketing

October 17th, 2014 Posted by Copywriting Tips, Top 10 7,060 comments

Even a single pawn’s move in chess requires strategic thinking about the overall game. Nothing is ever a one-off, or done in a vacuum. Chess is an exercise of the mind and requires knowledge of the game and a comprehensive understanding of your opponent’s goals. Content marketing works a lot like chess when executed properly. Copywriting and content marketing can also learn a thing or two from chess, as great copy should also be a strategic exercise for any business.

Here are three chess principles that can help keep your content in check:

One bad move can ruin many good ones.

In chess every move counts and even one bad move can ruin every good one before it. Your content should always be focused on providing value to your prospects and customers instead of pitching a hard sell. If a customer comes across your asset looking for educational information, and it’s just another version of your sales brochure, they’re unlikely to engage with your published materials going forward.

Control the center.

Make sure your content has a clear, central focus and is interesting to read. Hooking your reader is important, but clearly stating the value and learning from your content will make sure it’s memorable and reflects well on your brand. Take a good look at the type of business content you enjoy and refer to when considering purchases, and attempt to emulate that. Research brands you admire and take a look at their content strategies and the tactics they use to keep customers close.

Work your pieces.

In chess, you have to move your pieces around the board to win. You can’t just focus on a few key ones in the middle. With content, it’s important to mix things up with various forms of deliverables. Try case studies, white papers, blogs, videos, poll results and infographics that all tie in with your overall business objectives and industry.

What’s been the most effective piece of content for your business?