Why Good Content Matters

Guess what? Your consumers probably don’t care about your product. You have to make them care and often it’s not through talking about your product at all. It’s about creating a dialogue — a relationship — by sharing valuable insights and information that they find compelling and engaging. With quality content, the end result is earned trust and a much higher likelihood of both finding you and becoming your customer.

Putting your best thought forward

Content (or non-sales material) serves as the face of your brand and allows you to position yourself as a thought leader, expert in your industry and advisor to your prospects. Consumers and professional buyers are unlikely to respond to pure sales pitches. They are looking to be educated, informed and engaged. They want to do business with a company that ‘knows their stuff’,  has credibility and can showcase their experience thoughtfully.

Letting them find you

Content published by your business allows you to spread your message and expertise across not only your site but social media channels, blogs and other websites. This not only raises brand awareness over the long term, but helps you make connections across the web. The more credible connections you make with your content and the more credible sites that link back to you, the higher your SEO (organic search results) will be. When a prospect searches for information related to your content, any possible published piece may link them back to your product or service.

Creating a dialogue

It takes an average of 9 touch points before your customer is ready to buy anything. Buyers are self educating and looking to vendors to provide genuine value instead of a hard sell. To strengthen relationships and nurture leads, your compelling content plays a significant role.

A thorough content strategy will help you guide your prospects towards a purchase while showcasing your expertise and keeping the conversation active. Studies have shown that those organizations that take the time to plan out their content strategy, cadence and metrics perform better than their counterparts.

Creating a plan to get your content going and executing on it consistently can be challenging. That’s where we can help.

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