Your ideas are worth a great story,
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SmartScribe is a copywriting and content creation shop.
We focus on helping technology companies create valuable and meaningful marketing content.



Your company’s voice and mission needs to resonate with your audience. To do that, we listen to you tell your story, focusing on understanding the core message that you want your customers to take away.



 Understanding your industry, competitors and target customers is critical. We take the time to learn, research and ask questions so that your content highlights your unique value and thought leadership.



Transforming tech speak  into copy that tells your story and showcases your expertise is what works best for content engagement. Following best practices, we create content that your market will connect with.


Turn your business objectives into clear, simple and genuine messaging — minus the marketing lingo that consumers often filter out. At SmartScribe, we create approachable communication and tell company stories through natural and conversational writing that engages your audience.

Monthly Content Plan

Earn the attention of your engaged prospects and attract new ones by integrating consistent content with your overall marketing, lead and demand generation strategies. A monthly content plan ensures custom content produced at the right budget and cadence for your business.

A-la-carte Content

Today both B2B buyers and consumers turn to content including white papers, case studies, blogs to evaluate purchases. In addition to sales slicks, this value-added content allows for education and communication with your prospects as you lead them down the sales funnel.

Website Content

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have and your web copy should reflect that. Within seconds, your visitors will decide to explore your business or look elsewhere, so it’s vital for your copy to be clear, compelling and quickly convey your unique value proposition.

Campaign Planning

If you’re like many organizations, you’re likely running many campaigns simultaneously and that can get messy. SmartScribe helps businesses plan targeted and nurture campaigns as well as write and strategize campaign content to ensure lead conversion and engagement.


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We understand how cutting-edge companies reach their target consumers. The right blend of professional, smart and interesting content makes all the difference when trying to get noticed in the market.


It all starts with a phone call. We discuss your needs. Then, we send you a quote for the project. Once approved, we’ll send you a first draft. After getting feedback, we complete two rounds of revisions.


You’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay for each project up-front. After our initial discovery call, we’ll send you a project quote , which includes a draft plus two rounds of revisions so that we can get it just right.

Why Good Content Matters


We’re Yana and Mariana and we started SmartScribe at the end of 2013. The idea was born in a sushi restaurant across the street from the office where we both worked — one of us in product marketing and the other in consulting. We were discussing how business communication is often so ineffective that prospects and customers have a hard time understanding the value and offerings of companies. We both witnessed, time and time again, organizations struggling to communicate clearly and simply — and we decided we could help.

With our love of writing and combined 15 years of experience in marketing, business analysis and client services, we started SmartScribe to serve those organizations that need a trusted, creative and friendly partner to work with on content marketing strategy and general copywriting efforts.

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